Das Sozialwerk e.V. am Helmholtz Zentrum München

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Ferienwohnung in Saalfelden

Ferienwohnung in Saalfelden

Ferienwohnung in Abtenau

Ferienwohnung in Abtenau

Ferienwohnung in Abtenau



The Social Welfare Association has moved!

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1. Nikolausmarkt des Sozialwerks

Unser 600. Mitglied hat ein Wochenende in Abtenau gewonnen

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Neu ab Juli 2013! Ferienwohnung in Abtenau

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  • Nikolausmarkt 2017

    Das Sozialwerk des HMGU plant wieder einen Nikolausmarkt: am Donnerstag, den 7.12. 2017

    Auch in diesem Jahr können Sie einen Stand mieten und Selbstgemachtes, Handgestricktes, Gehäkeltes, Selbstgebackenes und vieles mehr verkaufen. Details dazu werden rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.
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About us

  • The Social Welfare Association (Sozialwerk e.V.) was founded in 1998 by 10 staff members of the former GSF, now Helmholtz Zentrum München. The primary impetus for its founding was the increasing withdrawal of the state sector from the provision of social services. As a consequence, the Board of Directors and the Works Council decided to jointly counteract this development by founding a social welfare association.

    Since April 22, 1999 the Social Welfare Association has been registered in the Association Register of the Munich District Court.

    The tasks and objectives of the Association according to its Statutes:

    • Supplementation of the social benefits of employers and social insurance agencies
    • Assistance and support of association members and their families in social and health matters
    • Promotion of sport groups and common facilities
    • Support of the children’s day care facility
    • Promotion and implementation of measures for adult and family rest and recreation

    Members wishing to place their children in the day care center may apply for financial support.

    The Social Welfare Association has rented holiday apartments in Abtenau (4-Room-Apartment) and also in Saalfelden (3-Room-Apartment), which are available to Association members at favorable rates.

    Discounted tickets for theater, opera or concerts in Munich are also among the array of offers.
    More offers such as discounts at certain stores (e.g. Hagebau and Metro) or automobile repairs on one’s own in the Center’s workshop are also available to members.

    By becoming a member, you help us support colleagues in need in an emergency, and you can take advantage of the opportunities the Social Welfare Association offers at favorable rates.

    You can become a member of the Social Welfare Association even if you are not or not any more employed at Helmholtz Zentrum München.